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[Breakthrough] AI Can Now Solve Complex Problems And Generate Insights

Plus: How To Bend The Will Of The Market | AI Creates More Bespoke Experiences | The State of UX in 2024 | And more!

Happy holidays, seasons greetings, and aloha! Lots of great stuff today, so let’s get to it.

Today's Agenda

The Latest

From MIT Technology Review. If you thought 2023 was wild, wait until the general election.

Bard gets big boost

From Techcrunch:

Google says that Gemini will now power Bard, its newest and most advanced AI model, giving the chatbot more advanced reasoning, planning, understanding, and other capabilities.

But can it come up with its own insights?

Can AI generate original insights? Now it can.

Google DeepMind created an AI model called "FunSearch" that can write computer programs to solve complex math problems.

So? Well, this particular model found solutions to problems that were better than what humans had previously discovered.

So? This means that AI can not only process and understand existing knowledge, but it can also create its own 😱

This is quite a leap from finding language patterns and regurgitating organized information. AI can now generate its own insights?!

Who knew that AI’s ability to solve simple math problems would open a new world of possibility? More in the article below.

The Xs

Brand Experience

Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time.

Elon Musk

How to bend the will of the market

Here’s a though-provoking piece on what real brand strategy looks like. To break it down, here’s what you must do:

  • Create new context

  • Create new identities (probably not normally associated with your category)

  • Create new needs

From the article:

Real strategy is when you make moves today to condition the market, so that tomorrow the market prefers you over your competitors.

  • Apple conditioned the market to see electronics as identity markers.

  • Architectural Digest conditioned the market to see interior design as social voyeurism.

  • Equinox conditioned the market to see the gym as a temple of “high-performance living”.

All of them created conditions that favored them over anyone else in the space. This is real strategy.


Marketing Experience

8 Marketing Maxims from Seth Godin

A couple of great points from Seth:

  • Trust is worth more than attention.

  • Tell ten people. If they don’t tell the others, make a better product.

  • “You’ll pay a lot but get more than you paid for,” is a useful motto.

Some great reminders.

Social media ads are now the top way Gen Z is finding brands, overtaking search engines for product discovery.

Jo Ling Sun, senior trends analyst at GWI

Dear companies, your social media marketing is tedious and it’s cheapening your brand

Here’s Edoardo Liotta with a thoughtful piece on the current state of social media. Or, as he puts it:

The social media landscape is in a dire state. Our feeds have gone from looking like boutique fairs to crowded neighborhood strata malls, and influencers resemble coupon books more than creatives.

He advises brands who may need help finding that balance between being overly promotional and overdoing the storytelling side of things.

The biggest mindset shift marketers need is to fundamentally remove the notion that social media marketing literally means making advertisements — in the traditional sense — online. There are so many more ways to raise the status and awareness of a brand now without having to turn to commercials.

Edoardo Liotta

How influencer marketing will evolve in 2024, according to executives and creators

Authenticity. In a world of watered-down, transactional forms of marketing, “being authentic” has only gained in importance the more flooded our social feeds become.

So says these experts. But you know it for yourself to be true. The question is, why doesn’t this translate into practical, meaningful marketing? Something to think about for 2024.

Relational Commerce, as a guiding philosophy, will gain more steam in 2024.

User Experience

The state of UX in 2024

Here’s an interesting article. It’s a bit in the weeds, but still a good read, especially if you’re curious about what’s on the UX horizon, particularly with AI gaining traction into 2024.

7 web design trends for 2024 and beyond

You know, I didn’t really see anything that stood out to me in this article except for its section on AI-generated images in web design. Not sure I saw that coming, even with all the buzz.

But the rest?

  • Denser, richer graphics

  • Skeuomorphism

  • Parallax

  • Kinetic Typography

  • Microinteractions

These seem like standard fare and have been around for quite some time, but I suppose the general increase in computing power makes each one more practical.

And you need to find every way possible to stand out (in a good way, of course).

Customer Experience

How AI can help create bespoke customer experiences

Can you imagine a 565% increase in site conversion from personalizing customer experiences? Or how about a 302% rise in average time spent on the site and a significant 30% drop in bounce rates?

Seems absurd, but we’ve seen these results with our customers as well, even if the executions are vastly different. AI still lies at the heart of some eye-popping results.

From the article:

The real magic of AI in personalization is its capability for real-time data analysis and pattern recognition. By understanding and anticipating consumer needs, AI can create interactions that are not only relevant but also deeply engaging. This goes beyond traditional marketing strategies, fostering a connection that resonates on an emotional level. Such personalized experiences are likely to leave a more profound impact on consumers, increasing the likelihood of organic promotion of the brand.

I’ve spoken about The Conversational Effect and its ability not just to stir emotions but to influence shoppers in a previous newsletter.

AI is not a toy anymore. Implemented in the right way, it gives you a competitive advantage.

Anyway, here’s a nice breakdown of AI’s practical value to you in 2024.

Employee Experience

Remote Work and the evolving American workplace

The pandemic generated such a drastic cultural shift in a matter of months, some that linger and some that are here to stay:

  • Digital transformation comes to mind, with every company scrambling to keep people safe and connected at the same time.

  • eCommerce: obviously, the best way to do contactless shopping.

  • Work-life balance: Working from home, while not always convenient, shed a ton of stress from long commutes.

  • Connectivity improved, but more tools don’t necessarily mean being more connected.

Well, here’s some good analysis of how America’s current workplace is evolving. Remote work is here to stay, but the hybrid model is today's sweet spot.

Data Experience

How to use data analytics to improve UX

Here’s another deep dive into how to leverage data to improve the overall site or eCommerce experience. It covers just about everything including:

  • Understanding user behavior using tools like Google Analytics

  • User-centric design through research and interviews

  • Addressing user problems through heat maps and such

  • Content performance

  • Effective CTAs

  • Streamlining the Purchasing Process

How do consumers feel about AI?

Here’s some data from GWI on consumer sentiment around AI.

Are you concerned yet?

Final thoughts

Here are 75 Faceless Instagram (or TikTok) ideas from Angie Gensler.

Enjoy the holiday season. And be safe out there.

Talk soon.


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